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The Max

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"When they tell me 2 walk a straight line
I put on crooked shoes
When they tell me that I can't live 4ever
I pay some overdues
When they start making up a crazy rule
That's when I break a back, cuz
When I go, I go, I go 2 the max"

Prince & The New Power Generation, THE MAX

The Max is about the best of all my favourites, pictures so stunning that I'm wondering how anyone can be able to capture this beauty.

Random from Street Lights - Best Of Girl Photography




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If you're a writer, you need to be a method actor first. If you wanna get in really deep, you must be able to forget yourself and let go totally. Then your stories become intense, and whatever happens there is the magic of wonderland.
So whenever you find one of my stories that seems to offend you, be aware that I'm never ever in control. And if you want to know me, just read my diary.

If you're interested in supporting my art, this is the place to go. So thank you for everything you like to give!

Somehow all my art became a crime, and I'm far from being mainstream. But if all art really becomes independent, I'm on the right track now, and I love living in the wilderness.


If art's a crime, then crime could be a new form of art.
If a crime feels like art and GOD is by your side - who's 2 blame?
THE ART CRIMES: The revolution is NOW.

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When the red king reigned, he told us there's a new law, and this law defines this thing called truth. Truth stands under the law, and we should understand there's only one truth in the world: The king's law. In the beginning we loved our king, we trusted his words, and we surrendered.

- The Hatter

Under the red king everything became black, and we couldn't see the stars no more. But they always existed, they were always up there, out there, beyond our hopeless thoughts. It needed a wise man to tell us about this truth. Then we started to fight.

- The Hatter

So let me think about what the red king has commanded: We should hunt him down, 'cause he's a traitor, and he broke the law in God's own country. It's always "the law" that protects the mighty, and it's always passion that breaks their rules.

- The Hatter

So when truth becomes fiction, fiction will become truth now. This is the way we communicate.

- The Hatter

When Snow fell in Moscow, the red king felt the heat and his empire got in rage. The red king has always been an invisible king, you know, and revealing some of his deepest secrets really scared him, 'cause there was a slight chance that the many could start to mistrust the empire's propaganda.

- The Hatter

The king's empire is the whole planet, and his empire is built on money, war and fear. But nobody would dare to tell you so, 'cause everybody speaks in the king's tongue: So money is wealth, war is power and fear is love - what makes his kingdom built on wealth, power and love. 
Because he's a mighty king, we should all love him, support his power and strive for his kingdom's wealth as long as we live. Life is precious, you know, and telling the truth can be fatal.

- The Hatter

The red king felt for the few, and because he was paid by the few he started to fear the many, and he thought of the many as an enemy, a permanent threat. So he sent his black knights and white priests to watch over the many, and their duty was to watch each and every single step of them: Nothing should remain secret, every word should be captured, every thought should be analyzed. 
So he was scared by his people (always the many, always the many in his darkest dreams) a lot, he never wanted to be seen in public. So one of his black knights became the first knight, and all people learned to see the first knight as king.

- The Hatter


Everything you ever dreamed of…
So why are you here?
Writing Wonderland means creating a new world, 'cause exploring a new world means forgetting the old, and with the power of your imagination you're able to do everything, maybe even install some of Wonderland's magic in your everyday life.
So push the envelope as far as you can, neglect all boundaries and laugh about all limits. If you've been able to follow the white rabbit and dared to jump into the rabbit hole, you're down here to lift you and everyone up as high as your imagination's deep, and the deeper you dive, the higher you'll fly. The more you're fascinated yourself, the more you'll be able to fascinate others, so dare everything…
Wonderland will be the place where first things really are first before they show up anywhere else, and I'll not just experiment with stories, I'll also try some new things with feedbacks going much deeper into this secret land Oz than before, so stay tuned!

Down the rabbit hole: 



The Art Warriors: 

:iconandrogenio: :iconbeaucyphre: :iconbittersweetvenom: :iconblossom-of-faelivrin: :iconburtn: :iconcavecanem42: :iconchillione: :iconcorazon777: :iconczas: :icondeepinswim: :icondorottyas: :iconfiriless: :iconhakanphotography: :iconhello-heydi: :iconhuhahohi: :iconineedchemicalx: :iconkashinorei: :iconkinyolee: :iconlamusatriste: :iconlunaticnewmooner: :iconmariaamanda: :iconxmegalopolisx: :iconnishitokyogirl: :iconpriestess-shizuka: :iconredroses9: :iconrona-keller: :iconshenameslily: :icontaeyen: :icontibiii: :iconuglybug: :iconvampire-zombie: :iconzielonezielsko:

Keep your art free! Don't diss yourself with watermarks, don't shrink your vision - and don't fear the illusion of art theft.


:iconbittersweetvenom: :iconcorazon777: :icongabrielrodriguez: :iconhakanphotography: :iconineedchemicalx: :iconlittleflair: :iconmariaamanda: :iconmichaelbrack: :iconnishitokyogirl: :iconvampire-zombie:

Painting the rainbow:

:iconemaciatedandepitaphs: :iconineedchemicalx: :iconnishitokyogirl: :iconsarahanonymia:

"Du hast mir ganz am Anfang einmal erzählt, dass man mit Worten malen könne wie mit Farben. Nein, du hast es anders ausgedrückt: du sagtest, dass man mit Worten Bilder malen könne, die man mit Farben nicht sichtbar machen kann. Es komme nämlich etwas ins Spiel, das unberechenbar und unendlich flexibel sei: unser Vorstellungsvermögen."

Words by :iconnishitokyogirl: 


"I scan my computer looking 4 a site 
Somebody 2 talk 2, funny and bright"

:iconarmene: :iconbittersweetvenom: :iconburtn: :iconcatliv: :iconcavecanem42: :iconchillione: :iconcorazon777: :icondanielauhlig: :icondeepinswim: :icondidsrainfall: :icondorottyas: :iconemaciatedandepitaphs: :iconfiriless: :icongabrielrodriguez: :iconhakanphotography: :iconhello-heydi: :iconineedchemicalx: :iconkashinorei: :iconkinyolee: :iconlittleflair: :iconmmartkaa: :iconmariaamanda: :iconxmegalopolisx: :iconmichaelbrack: :iconminon-minon: :iconnishitokyogirl: :iconnotthenicest: :iconpriestess-shizuka: :iconrona-keller: :iconsarahanonymia: :iconsideshowsito: :icontatianakurnosova: :icontibiii: :iconuglybug: :iconvampire-zombie:

"Make believe it's a better world, a better life"



Beau Cyphre online:

The first chapter:


The second chapter:


For the strange, the lost and the found ones - and here's all about adventures.
If you want to paint the rainbow, if you want to use your words as a magic wand, here's the place to combine our powers. Let every word become a poem, every story become an act, and very soon there'll unfold a whole new world in front of our eyes.

The third chapter:



My sword called Twitter

Beau Cyphre / Keoma Lewis @ YouTube

Beau Cyphre @

Beau Cyphre @ flickr

Everything you ever dreamed of: Writing Wonderland


Beau Cyphre / Art & Photography

My inner child on Facebook - just in case U want 2 get 2 know me: Beau Cyphre @ Facebook

4 those of U who wanna play with me:

* * * I'm on Apple's Game Center as Beau Cyphre * * *


A place outside the borders - a place, where I can collect and share some of my inspirations and put down some thoughts that aren't too weird for the public.
Sure, that's not the whole story...
But this story here starts now.

...and in the end another beginning:

The Love Below

May I... watch? Or shall I go any... further? I'm not the one to ask, and you're not the one to complain about things that feel so good. I never knew that my tongue could do things like that, and while your fingers do the walk in and out, my wild dreams are all about the smell and taste of your precious, your oh so precious red rose, and when I'm finally there you're completely there, too: The best things always come in one, but I will ask for the second coming.

Taken from: THE ART CRIMES: Private Party
THE ART CRIMES: Private Party
* An escalation by Beau Cyphre - with an illustration by bittersweetvenom *
Did you ever think about all the things you could do when you're alone? Sure you did, and you know a lot of games to play at your private party. 
I think there'll be some of your friends with you right now, and it feels great to celebrate your birthday, but in the end you're alone in the night, and the best of all pleasures come in the dark. I dreamed about these hands tonight, moving in circles and the fingers doing all their little dances, their spins and turns until you get higher and higher.
Orgasm feels like flying sometimes, and I could reach mine now driving my mind up and down your naked body, circling around your belly button and then moving south downtown, where I make myself at home, speaking in tongues yet, and I'm never at a loss for words so close to sweet p

* U want to read some of my stories as an eBook? *

Get them on

GiADA's erotic stories, iBooks



  • Listening to: 'Extraloveable Reloaded' by Prince


Beau Cyphre is Geronimo, The Dark, Keoma Lewis
Artist | Professional | Literature
"Are there really angels? Or are they just in our mind?"

Three days and three nights I wished for this picture, and now it's here. There are many girls on this planet, and a lot of them are real angels, but there are only a few who are able to perform the light and the dark side. I look at you, and you do me. You make me forget the day I was born, and I think this is what real angels do: They make you surrender, and beyond knowledge and belief they show you a new and much brighter world, a world so bright that it nearly hurts in the eye and sometimes appears as this kind of darkness that scares you to death. But death is just a way to say goodbye to your former self, and behind this iron door I unfold my wings to rise up with you to this place called paradise. I wonder that rising feels like falling, and then with a look in your eyes I realize that it's forever the same.

Writing is strange. Writing's all about words, just this: Letters and words. But behind and in between these words something magical happens, 'cause words are always born in dreams, created to catch images and to capture vibes, and vibes are what we're made of. This is eternal.

In hell I found there was a way
To eat the flesh eternally
Of virgins with a smile so bright
The sun's ashamed on her high ride
When darkness falls this feeling grows
A mighty heart's always in love
So take away this heart of mine
That in the end the dark will shine.

I am a star falling right from the sky, shining bright in the night
I am a wave, I am the sun
I am the storm pushing right through the tops of the trees, shaking their leaves 'till they fall to the ground, never be found where they lie, rest and die
I am the sea, I am the shark hunting so fast, hungry for hearts that should bleed just for me
I am insecure, a liar, a fool
I am beautiful
full of dreams
I am the blood in my veins, I am
made of belief, I am
one of God's mighty thieves
Reach me, don't touch me
Reach me, don't touch me
I am U

I think a community always reflects society, and when society is going down, an art community like deviantART experiences the same. Today I feel that dA is often superficial with a lot of lazy "artists" who aren't really interested in art. Most of them are interested in making the front page, being popular at any cost, and if you comment on their art, you rarely get an answer or any kind of deeper feedback.
So I won't waste my time with comments on the art of narcissistic "artists" anymore, and from now on I'm searching for the few, the rare gems of people with a vision.

Beau Cyphre

Cited words by Prince from his tune New Power Generation (Funky Weapon Remix)

Thanks 2 Prince & the Wild Ones 4 pushing my limits!

:iconcorazon777: about deviantART:

"I'd like it to be a place where people really appreciate what they see. By entering a gallery they should feel like visiting a real one, thinking of the opportunity and the chance to speak directly to the artist. Doing so there could be a totally new approach for giving feedback."



Current Residence: Oz
Favourite genre of music: There's no genre I prefer. There are many genres I dance, write and make love to.
Favourite photographer: Corazon777, angelreich, armene
Favourite style of art: I love nearly all kinds of style and art.
Operating System: Mac OS 10.6.8
MP3 player of choice: iPod touch 64 GB
Favourite cartoon character: Spider-Man
Personal Quote: Be it! Taking a risk is always an adventure.


by jemappellemarleen

After I've seen your pretty face a few days ago, it's damn sexy to see your body now, these feminine curves made to let men dream of is...

still secrets remaining by Lisa-Schneider

Hope you're fine somehow, somewhere - wherever you are. Sometimes I'm scared to visit your place, must remember you're not here anymore...

The futuristic scarecrow. by NikolasBrummer

Maybe you're familiar with Stephen King's short story Children of the Corn, and if you're not I'd suggest you to read it 'cause it's an...

The cat is dead tonight by SandyManase

I think this one is close to the perfect pin up shot, and it's more than just erotic: It's magical. Somehow you're out of character her...

If you could see my soul... by dzika-koala

No soul is rotten, no soul is poison, and if I could see your soul (I can...) I'd celebrate. This is one of your less polished pictures...


Thy words shall be... 

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