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In Oz: God's Twins

* An escalation by Beau Cyphre *

Real artists are a rare species on deviantART, and too many girls and boys are here just to strike a pose. But this is not Vogue, and you're one of the few who always knew that. You do your own thang, and you continue doing so although your page is very popular and you've got a lot of popularity and attention to loose.

And here they are, your girlfriend and a friend, two absolutely awesome girls stripped to the bone though you just show their faces, and there it is: A wonder right in front of our eyes, one of the most erotic pictures of all time, and you didn't even show a glimpse of their bodies.
But I'm no photographer, maybe just crazy, only dreaming and doing so all the time. Still I can get lost looking at that picture, and thank God I'm not blind anymore.
Image: 2, Memo89

Please respect the original artist :iconmemo89: and show him all the love you show to me. :heart:

IN OZ is my way to pay tribute to all the great artists who inspired me in the last weeks and months, who let me dream and write a lot of stories, which never were written in this way without them.
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January 11, 2011
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