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In Oz: In Search Of Peter Pan

* An escalation by BeautifulExperience *

Agata's my favourite model in your gallery, and here I like most what is hidden: her overwhelming and irresistible smile. She looks like a child in this picture, and there is magic in hidden things.
"Dennis loves to look
In the mirror.
He tells me that he is beautiful.
So I look too, and what do I see?
My eyes are full,
But my face is empty.

He's got a photo
Of his hero.
He keeps it under his pillow.
But I've got a pin-up
From a newspaper
Of Peter Pan.

I found it in a locket.
I hide it in my pocket."

Kate Bush, In search of Peter Pan

Image: Agata No. 15, © franekchrzonszcz

IN OZ is my way to pay tribute to all the great artists who inspired me in the last weeks and months, who let me dream and write a lot of stories, which never were written in this way without them.
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September 22, 2008
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