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and the grand progression

- About the magic of a human vibe -

* An escalation by Beau Cyphre *

The first time I heard about Prince was in 1982. This crazy tune called Sexuality had been played in my club, and I thought that our DJ was out of his mind to play something like this. I hated the aggressive sounding song, and I loved it three years later:

"No child is bad from the beginning, they only imitate their atmosphere."

The atmosphere in my club was made by teenie boppers, and we were all looking for our first kiss that really mattered: The kiss that would lead to more adventurous things. But we felt like children, and although we realized the power of this new wavish song we couldn't think about the impact it would have on us three years later.
1983 there was this song 1999 on the radio, and this one I fell in love with instantly. Sometimes I danced to this tune in the little room I shared with my brother, but it was just a good song, it had nothing to do with the guy with the strange name Prince. It needed Little Red Corvette on MTV to let me become aware of the artist, this strange and alien-like looking creature with the impressive voice, a voice I heard nearly everywhere I went:

"I guess I should have known by the way U parked your car that it wouldn't last
Because you're the kind of person that believes in making out once, love 'em and leave 'em fast."

It crept in my mind, and with the beautiful synthesizer line I sang along, and the album 1999 was the first record I bought from Prince. There were only five tracks on this disc I liked at the time: 1999, Little Red Corvette, Let's Pretend We're Married, Something In The Water (Does Not Compute) and International Lover. The rest felt in the best odd and in the worst like real crap for me, and had Little Red Corvette not been on MTV so often, I would have forgotten this album really fast.

Then 1984 came, and in may there was this edited single When Doves Cry in my local record store. I couldn't get why there was this excitement about it in the U.S. until I heard the original, unedited version of the track on the soundtrack album Purple Rain, but from that moment on I fell in love with Prince. I bought every single album he had released before, and "new" songs like I Wanna Be Your Lover, When We're Dancing Close And Slow, It's Gonna Be Lonely, Dirty Mind, When You Were Mine, Uptown, Controversy, Do Me Baby and Private Joy became instant classics to me. 1984 was the summer of Prince, and turning on my radio it seemed to be so all around the world. Everybody loved him, everybody cared, at least everybody felt something about him and the image he created. And as Prince seemed to become the greatest star in the world, the purple rain was over.
He released Around The World In A Day, and the revolution really began. This was the evolution of a musician, and he created different incarnations of songs and colorful extended versions that made a big, big picture: Paisley Park, Raspberry Beret, Tamborine, America, Pop Life, Temptation, Hello, She's Always In My Hair and Girl will stand out forever as genuine and original tracks no other musician could have created.  

Now, twenty-five years later, he released this new album 20Ten via european magazines and newspapers, and sure, Purple Rain is nice and created a hell of a buzz, but 20Ten shows the better musician. It's a work of art, full of love, not made to show off but to show things that could be important to everyone of us. Its ten songs full of positive vibes are carefully put together, and if I listen closely (yes, I have to put on my headphones!), there are so many secrets in the mix that I want to listen to 20Ten again and again. It's a wild ride ending with the sing-along Everybody Loves Me, but if I'm willing and able to enjoy the silence of the sixty-seven following tracks I'm rewarded with the futuristic and real dirty funk of Laydown, a monumental but short powerhouse of a track that reminds me in its essence of another unforgettable tune: "I've seen the future and it will be..."

Just listening now to an unreleased song called Player, and if I had a wish I'd want this gem right now in a proper sound quality. But I think this wish will be unfulfilled, the song will remain unreleased, but nevertheless it's one of the most beautiful pop songs ever written:
"Player - If I had U girl I wouldn't be one."
There are so many of them, for Prince maybe just notes on his way, sort of a diary.
And that is part of the grand progression, the evolution of this human being, and thank God we're living in the same time where the purple Yoda shares his music and his beautiful vision with all of us.
An escalation by Beau Cyphre, written in DIE DRITTE MACHT :heart:

"I've never been one 4 this thing obsession
But just keep your eye on my hips
The circles they make will be my confession
Just say the word and I'll strip
I've had dreams of us cuddling on the planet Mars
Then when I wake up, ooh, I'm all covered in sex
With eyes that fall somewhere between rubies and stars
Don't look at me, baby, or I'll flex"

Prince, Space

I just don't know why I did it. Perhaps "I was dreaming when I wrote this, so forgive me if it goes astray". No, really, I don't know what's happening when I'm into it, and it just felt good to jump. Maybe it can be also an allusion to the power and impact of this album Around The World In A Day - I'm just speaking of the personal impact this music made on me. It's extremely difficult to discuss music, and I think it's impossible to be objective 'cause it's all about feelings. Therefore I love the "Peach And Black"-Podcast of these australian guys, perhaps you know it. Sometimes they have nearly contrary opinions about the same song, and they discuss Prince's music with respect and love even when they call a song "crap".
And yes, there's a lot to say about the period from 1986 to 2009 thinking about the grand progression, you're right. But it's different for every one of us, and this universe of songs makes it nearly impossible to write an article that can do justice to all the aspects of interest. So I had to do it my way. But I'm thinking about another article trying to cope with the days of wild.

The discussion on :heart:

Beau Cyphre / Art & Photography

Love is a drug, I realize that now, and there's no way out of my misery: I have to do what you want me to do, and you don't need to tell. This is automatic, and so I push you against the wall and spread your legs with one single move. We're sealed in a kiss, but I feel out of my body and seem to be a complete stranger now: A stranger's body possessed by my demon making love to you really old school, and this body fucks you like an animal. This body's mine, this body's me, and this body's also the sun, and I feel your reflecting heat in the same way he does, and finally so close to my orgasm I understand what's meant by the holy and the secret divine things, and our ménage à trois becomes trinity. Lust U always and say a prayer...

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NishitokyoGirl Featured By Owner Aug 26, 2010  Student Writer
Die Diskussion auf MoQuake ist ja sehr amüsant - nicht nur Deutsche sind seltsam :D.

Ich hab mir gestern mal den Song "Do Me Baby" angehört, weil du mich neugierig gemacht hast, und er ist wunderschön! :heart:
BeauCyphre Featured By Owner Aug 27, 2010  Professional Writer
Ja, es ist auch einer meiner Lieblingssongs! :heart:
Aber ich hab so viele, und v.a. Tanja mache ich ab und zu fast wahnsinnig damit :D.
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