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Prince Feat. Bria Valente - Elixer

"I can see ur face everytime
Anywhere, anyplace
In My Mind
If my God is here below - heaven knows
There's a place that I can go"

Some critics wrote about Prince' strange spelling of the word "Elixir", but none of them seems to have listened very often to one of the very best songs of Prince' new opus LOtUSFLOW3R. The more you listen, the more you get it, and Elixer isn't just a synonym for higher pleasures and spiritual things, it's also about sexual pleasures, 'cause Elixer transforms really soon into the words "He licks her" - and no, there's not a shadow of doubt about it. It's not the first time Prince connects earthly pleasures with the heavens above, but this time he does it in a really unforgettable way and creates - together with the singer Bria Valente - not only his most erotic tune, but perhaps the most seductive song of all time.
Elixer is performed as a duet, but sometimes you seem to hear three people singing: two women and a man. Prince's falsetto is better than ever, and he rivals Bria's moaning and teasing very successfully, on the left as much as on the right side of your headphones. Then at the end of the song they seem to melt into one single being, true love and pure lust:

Up and down
Round and round
Don't stop, baby

Oh, baby
Do it, baby
I'm almost there, baby"
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Ein Review aus dem BUCH DER TRÄUME

Image © Prince
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