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Prince - LOtUSFLOW3R (Act II)

Act I was about the mind, Act II is about the heart. The heart knows better, and these are songs dreams are made of: Better With Time, Ol' Skool Company, U're Gonna C Me, Dreamer, 4ever, Boom, Elixer and Immersion are just a few examples of songs that grow and unfold with each listening, and until now I gave them a frequency of spins in my iTunes like I gave the best, the immortal tunes of this artist: When Doves Cry, Kiss, If I Was Your Girlfriend and The Most Beautiful Girl In The World. But this shall not be about comparing, it is about listening to your heart and trying to feel the world turn, like Prince sung before in a nearly unknown song called Moonbeam Levels.
LOtUSFLOW3R in its 3-disc-experience is able to give me this feeling, and I'm sure it's able to give it to many of you, too. Just push play.
Previous Act:

Prince - LOtUSFLOW3R (Act I)

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Prince - LOtUSFLOW3R (Act III)

Ein Review aus dem BUCH DER TRÄUME

Image © Prince
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May 14, 2009
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