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Prince - LOtUSFLOW3R (Act III)

Act III is about the perception of the soul, and the soul is a wild thing, free at last, up and above mind and heart, up and above all.
The soul knows no rules, no boundaries, and so this is the real way to listen to LOtUSFLOW3R: Just go into shuffle mode on your iPod and let the adventure begin! Every single adventure is different from the one before, and the possible combinations tend to infinity. This one starts with Ol' Skool Company, and I'll let the story unfold. The beat is the pulse, and the melody creates all the colours, the guitar forms the images and I rise up on a big white cloud. The sight is awesome, oceans and mountains beneath my feet, and the sun's shining bright and is smiling down on me. I'm nearly sure that I could touch her without burning my fingers, but sometimes watching a beautiful thing is enough. Sometimes my guitar is a funky weapon, and although I never played before I do it really good, 'cause in my dreams I can, everything's possible.

"Put this thing on repeat, go back 2 1 and just...move ur feet
And tell ur friends, Prince and the Minneapolis sound, we can't be beat

Next comes a tune sung by Bria Valente, Something U Already Know, and I'm in a jazz club swinging along to the sound, just not taking my eyes off the beautiful singer and wishing she'd see me before the evening's done.
Third is A Colonized Mind, and I watch a world full of people running around like crazy, never finding a place where they can rest until finally they realize: "Without God it's just the blind leading the blind."
Then there goes a gigolo truly believing in himself, a man like a stray cat, hot and horny and really convincing: There'll Never Be Another Like Me. And he's right because deep from the bottom of his heart he believes he's right. So take it like you want, go back to 1 and start all over again, and you'll find new and different stories all the time, and all the images set by the tunes will blow your mind and impress you like a rotating kaleidoscope of life. If someone's able to let collide real life with the best of your dreams, it's the sign of a really great and unforgettable album.
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NishitokyoGirl Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2009  Student Writer
Eigentlich gehört es ja schon fast verboten, dass jemand so schreiben kann :D!
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June 30, 2009
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